Beatles cover band, Yesterday and Today, visits CCC Theatre


Staff Writer

Billy McGuigan presented the Yesterday and Today show, the tribute to the music of The Beatles, on February 28, 2010 at the Luciano Theatre.
Unlike other cover bands they do not use phony accents nor do they dress as The Beatles. The cast includes brothers Billy McGuigan (vocals/guitar/keys), Matthew McGuigan (vocals/bass), and Ryan McGuigan (vocals/acoustic guitar), as well as Darren Pettit (saxophone/Harmonica/percussion), R. Leon Adams (keyboards), Jay Hanson (vocals/lead guitar), and Tomm Roland (percussion/vocals).
The Yesterday and Today Show’s rendition of The Beatles music proved to be a riveting, exciting, and emotional concert. The audience sang along while freely dancing like no one else was watching. The songs also inspired both band members and the audience to share personal stories that related to the music.
The band performed over 25 songs during the 3-hour concert. The show began the first act with “Good Morning” and consisted of the early songs of The Beatles. The songs included; “Let it be”, “This boy”, and “I Want to Hold Your Hand”. After a brief intermission the band changed wardrobe and came out with a bang. The entire tone of the concert shifted gear. The costumes, songs, and background were psychedelic. Songs included; “I Am The Walrus”, “Strawberry Fields” and the very interactive song, “Twist and Shout.”
The lead singer, and guitar/piano player, Billy McGuigan, loves what he does. He was so candid, energetic, and honest during his performance. He was infectious with lyrics and dance moves, as he walked the stage and strummed his guitar. When he performed the song “Let It Be” while playing the piano, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.
Brothers of the band, Matthew, Ryan, and Billy, have been performing Beatles songs since they were old enough to walk and talk. They started out singing for family members and worked their way up to perform all across the U.S. The show is a dedication to their father, who died of Leukemia. Every time they step out onto the stage they honor the memory of their father, who was a Beatles fanatic. It is a very personal and inspirational concert.
At the beginning of the show, there was a “song request” table in which band members encouraged the audience to participate. Each Yesterday and Today showing is different and patrons will want to see the show again and again. Their shows are 3 hours of music all chosen at the audience’s request. The Interactive show keeps you thirsting for more.
For more information regarding the Yesterday and Today Show, please visit


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