Are students taking on too much?

By: Genesis Carrion

These days, most people don’t hold just one title.

They are no longer just a student, parent, or just a worker. Some are even all three!

The responsibilities suddenly become demanding and the schedules become hectic. However, these tasks are all necessary and can’t be dropped. With all these new expectations, how does one manage?

Lasheba Dougans, a student at CCC, has recently become a mother and finds it difficult to manage her time with all the tasks she has to accomplish. However, she has some help.

“I’m grateful I have my mom to help take care of my baby whenever I have to go to school or work,” says Dougans.

“Being a mom in itself is difficult, but adding being a full time student to that is extreme. However, education is a necessity these days in order to make progress in the future. Therefore it’s a responsibility most people take on in their lives’, she continued.

“I was just working for some time until I decided to come back to school,” stated CCC student Lilia Hernandez. “I’m only part time because that’s all I could fit into my already busy schedule. But I felt coming back to school was the right decision for me and my family.”

The qualification for being a full time student is a student taking a minimum of twelve credits. However, there are students who take more. Some take on a course load of up to 19 credits!

“I decided to take 19 credits last semester and it was crazy,” stated CCC student Diana DeHaro.

“I wanted to graduate by May so I tried to fit in all my pending credits into these last two semesters. That was definitely a mistake. I found myself struggling and so stressed that I can’t begin to tell you how I passed.”

Ameena Jones, also a student at CCC, is taking more than the minimum 12 credits as well and holds a part time job.

“I’m taking 15 credits and I work up to 32 hours a week,” she commented, “It’s difficult for me to get stuff done since I’m a huge procrastinator but I know I have responsibilities and I always do what I have to do.”

Here are some tips on how to take the most advantage of your time:

• Make a chart summarizing your schedule to see what days and times you’re free

• Plan events ahead of time so your schedules don’t conflict

• Know your limits – if the work is getting to be too much, then take a break

• Keep priorities straight – do your homework before you go to the party


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