Amundson new Assistant Athletic Director

Robert  Amundson has been the new assistant athletic director since November, 2009.  He is a hardworking, dedicated employee with a lot of knowledge and experience to back him up.

Amundson has played sports his whole life, starting at age five when he played ice hockey. He played all the way into the collegiate level at St. Joseph’s University.

“I played at SJU, and the first two years we won the championship, and my graduating year, I was the captain, and I got named to the All-Star team,” said Amundson.

At Vineland High School, Amundson played varsity baseball and track and was a member of the football team for one year.

He coached football at Rowan University from 2002-2006. The team made it to the final four twice, and won four conference titles. Three of the players he coached went on to the NFL preseason camp roster. In 2005, he was the assistant baseball coach here at CCC. From 2006-2007, he was the assistant baseball coach at Rowan University, where he coached seven kids that were drafted, and one currently in the AAA. Before coming to CCC, Almundson was the national recruiter for the Lehigh University  1 AA Football Team.

Almundson co-founded SJ Excel Football Camp.   He is the director of operations and a coach. He also coached at numerous NFL youth camps including the Eagles, the Chargers, and the Buccaneers.

Bobby has a lot of faith in the teams here at CCC.

“Overall our abilities are at a level of competiveness nationally,” said Almundson.

Coach Almundson strives not only for success on the field, but in the classroom as well.  He believes his athletes are capable of achieving both.

“My job and the coaches jobs are to make sure the athletes are working hard on the field, and to be successful academically,” said Almundson.  “I believe they go hand-in-hand.  I think if we can get the athletes to be academically consistent, then we can get them to be athletically consistent.”

Almundson feels his predecessors have been great, and that they have done an excellent job.  He hopes he can fill their shoes, He plans to work on getting CCC on the map both regionally and nationally.


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