A new phase of vintage


Staff Writer

I believe it’s time to step into a new realm of dressing, after what seemed to be an endless winter.  Recently in my shopping endeavors, I’ve seen some normal spring attire and surprisingly, something that will add a much-needed, fresh look in feminine fashion. For anyone that is trying to expand her spring clothing collection, let me share one trend that I am very excited to see.

I’ve found that 1940s inspired clothing have been showing up in many stores, regardless of price tags and status. Not only vintage fashion is gracing the racks, but also romantic clothing that focuses on ruffles, lace and silk. Typically 1940s and romantic women’s clothing stress pure femininity. It’s about time to embrace female fashion.

If you ever watch any old movies from that time period, you’ll notice the emphasis on the waist. This is a classic female staple in clothing that will present itself to shoppers this spring.

The retail store, Urban Outfitters, is where I found the 1940s trend very common. The skirts in the spring collection are made of lighter, gentle fabrics and are created to fit a woman’s waist.  Belting a skirt to show an hourglass figure can also create this look, which I must add is more flattering than a skirt hanging on the hips.

Another inspired staple that I’ve seen is knit fabric, especially in short sleeve sweaters. Most that I’ve seen are in lighter, pastel colors. One the biggest reasons I love these shirts are the shoulder detail. The shirts are usually slightly more “puffy” at the shoulder. It gives a simple knit fabric more shape. Stores websites and catalogs usually pair them with the high waisted skirts. In addition to being more delicate than a t-shirt, it gives alternative bulkier clothing designed for warmth.

The last inspired piece of clothing that I want to mention is shorts. The ones I’ve seen are high waisted and use the description “full” or are trouser shorts. They compliment a woman’s figure better by the full, larger leg of the shorts, reducing any flaws easily seen in form fitting shorts. Trouser shorts are more structured than regular shorts, making them very transitional to each season and definitely an investment piece.

Some stores that I’ve seen selling these pieces are Urban Outfitters, Forever21 and Anthropologie. I think that this spring will really help bring a fresh look into the art of female clothing and hopefully bring back classic beauty that has been forgotten.


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