Stay in shape after the holidays

Staff Writer

After the holidays the first thing on everyone’s mind is losing the holiday weight. Fitness and the gym are not only good for taking off some excess pounds, but are also useful for mental stimulation. That mental stimulation just might be what a student will need after the Christmas break.
Studies have shown that exercise stimulates various brain chemicals that affect your mood. These chemicals leave a person in a better mood. Combined with the feeling of accomplishment one will receive after a trip to the gym, working out makes for a good day. Along with this, fitness also stimulates brain functions to help with focus. Going to the gym regularly shows good mental focus and helps set long- term goals. Fitness is not all about becoming a lean, mean machine, but it does develop motivation and determination. Going to the gym can be a positive whole body experience both mentally and physically.
As a member of Cumberland County College many options are available to get in shape. The college has a Fitness Center that is available to any student or staff member with a school ID. The Fitness Center is located above the gymnasium. It has a range of equipment to help with both cardiovascular and full body strength. To better your experience the treadmills, elliptical, and bikes are equipped to allow access to different televisions stations and music. The school fitness center is 1,000 sq. ft. and has limited space, but for the student on a budget who wants to take part in bettering him or herself it is the perfect choice. The fitness center is open during school sessions and break, and it is completely free of charge.
For those of us who enjoy going to a bigger fitness atmosphere there are a few other options in the local area. The YMCA is a facility located on Landis Ave in Vineland with a good faculty. They have late hours of operation and various exercise equipment for everyone. The YCMA also has a list of classes offered to those with memberships and other extra classes for an additional fee.
Just down the road from school there is also SJH Fitness, which runs in part with South Jersey Hospital. The facility on Sherman Avenue is newly remodeled with double the floor space and has a lot of different types of equipment. By visiting their website you can get a free visitor pass to check out the facility.
Dance fitness classes are one of the new crazes among many young people. CCC offers a few interesting courses anyone can can partake in. You can read more about these classes such as jitterbug in this edition of the paper. For those that hate the traditional workout routine, Zumba is the new “fun” way to work out. Zumba is a mixture of Latin beats and other types of music that create an effective fitness routine. You can Zumba your way to a better body while ditching the treadmills and sit-ups and have fun while doing it.


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