New grading system takes CCC by storm

Many students may be wondering why the scores on their testes and quizzes aren’t matching their GPA. Unbeknownst to many students the numerical changes are due to the new grading system Cumberland County College has implemented in 2009-2010 academic year.

The new grading system is based upon the traditional letter grades, with the addition of pluses and minuses.

According to the student handbook 2009/2010, the letter grade “A” is considered to be superior and holds a weight of four points. In descending order the grades decrease by 0.3 with an “F” being the lowest grade weighing zero points.

The college incorporated the new grading system to keep in acordance with other surrounding colleges, according to Jacqueline Galbiati, Interim Vice President, Academic Affairs & Enrollment Services.

The provisions and decision of improving the grading system was a joined effort between the deans, instructors, and other staff members. The college believes that the new grading system better defines students’ efforts.

“The new grading system is a more accurate indication of where students are at that time,” said Sharon Kewish, English teacher.

With the newly added pluses and minuses, students can track their actual progress.

“It’s an upgrade for students to see their grades,” said           Yasmin Gonzalez

According to Michael Mills, English teacher, with his experience when teaching at Rowan University gives an unrealistic expectations; some students believe that with the new incorporated pluses they are entitled to receive them, but when their actual grades are calculated many of them receive a minus.

The new grading system has evoked a number of mixed feelings. Some students are confused on the actual usage and are afraid of the negative affects the new system will have on their grades.

“I think it’s a waste of time. It’s going to bring down a lot of students GPA”, said Frances Gonzalez.

The actual numerical grades measured by the new pluses and minus are up to the individual instructors and how they evaluate their students, according to Adrian DeWindt-King, Ed.D project Director, college bound Stem program.

“I think the new grading system is unfair. It helps those who are doing well, but what about the ones who are struggling. We are no longer in elementary school, so we should not be graded by a plus or minus.  We are all here to do well; just give us the solid grade we earned” Said Amber Parrish.

“We do not offer a C minus because it won’t transfer, so why don’t we do away with D’s also”, said Mill’s.

For the students who are working their hardest and are making good grades the new grading system will lend them the extra  one or two points needed to land the A or B+ they well deserve .

“I like it better, because it shows if you’re doing better instead of just seeing a B” said Nick Cervini.

The new grading system better assists instructors and students in evaluating the efforts put into earning their degrees and better serve the community with higher educated people.


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