New Assistant Athletic Director

Staff Writer

Since the summer, Cumberland County College has been trying to find a replacement for a new assistant athletic director. It has been an ongoing process with many applicants applying for this position at the college.
The new assistant athletic director was finally announced. His name is Robert Amundson and he started on November 30, 2009. He graduated from Vineland High School and was an adjunct for sociology as well as the assistant baseball coach here at Cumberland County College. His other coaching positions were at Rowan University and Lehigh University. He was also an assistant football and baseball coach at both colleges.
Joseph Hibbs, Executive Director of Student Life and Campus Services, discussed how the ongoing process went and how his department found the right person for the position. “The process was good and now done,” stated Hibbs. “The process moved very quickly since the summer and interviews started in September. The person was hired in October with over 100 applicants for this job position.”
Hibbs also described how the process took place and how everything was developed in a professional and timely manner to get this done by the middle of the fall semester: “We developed a time frame that would get us to the October board meeting. We did advertisements for the job, reviewed applicants applying for the position, and conducted swift interviews.”
The assistant athletic director has many jobs and duties to be taken care of during every semester. “The responsibility for the Student Life Programming like Fall Fest, healthcare, and recreation sports like trips,” said Hibbs.
Hibbs also discussed other duties of the assistant athletic director, “like scheduling events for teams, eligibility, and monitor student athletes.” The assistant athletic director also helps out the Director of Student Life, Kellie Slade.


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