Class Cancellation Options


Staff Writer

On a daily basis, students’ classes are cancelled without notice. Students said that when a class is cancelled they either love it, hate it, or have mixed feelings about it. Some students are happy when a class is cancelled because it gives them extra time to do what they did not get done the day before, or they can just relax. Other students are upset because they feel as if they are not getting the full class experience they paid for.

Most students questioned agreed that they loved when a class was cancelled, but those same students also agreed that a notification system warning them that class had been cancelled would be helpful.  Instead of posting a notice on the door, a telephone call, email, or text message sent to students would save money, gas, and time.

Alyssa Gradel said, “I love when class is cancelled although we should have an email sent to us prior to cancellations. I don’t want to waste my gas going all the way to class when I could be sleeping!”

Teachers  and  students felt that class cancellations were not beneficial because the teachers get behind schedule, and the students are not getting everything they paid for. A cancellation here or there may not hurt a student, but for some it is crucial that they get the full class experience. Rich Whilden commented on his class cancellations.

“I like when class is cancelled, but in the end, it does not benefit me because that’s one less day I have to learn.”

Students felt that Cumberland County College could improve the class cancellation system by sending out a prerecorded message to all students affected by the cancellation. This would be a tremendous help as well as a cost saving measure.


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