Think You Have the Right Kicks?

By: Diana DeHaro

Staff Writer


You’ve heard of the soccer club on campus, now there is going to soccer team.

For the year 2010 there will be a woman’s soccer team.

“The team is slowly but surely being built now even before we kick off in August of 2010” says  Women’s Coach Chris Zirpoli. “There are about 10-15 girls on campus who plan on playing next year.

Practice will be twice a week. Skill development, getting in shape, along with strength training will be the main focus to be prepared for next year’s season”.

“There is a great support system of the athletic department who keeps everything moving along and on track” explains Coach Zip.

Recruiting the players should be an interesting part in the team process. Coach Zip plans to attend as many high school girl soccer and club team games throughout the year as possible. Of course he won’t be doing this on his own. His assistant coach and volunteer assistant coach will be going through Cumberland County hunting for the right girls to make the team the best that it cand be.

Chris Zirpoli has been coaching different levels for about seven years now. He plays in a men’s soccer league that is a part of the SJASL(South Jersey Adult Soccer League), which was created by him. It has been running for five years now.

The athletic department will provide the uniforms for the CCC soccer girls. Fundraising may be necessary if the budget does not cover all the equipment needed for the team to reach its full potential.

“The response so far has been positive but we still look to add players each day and stay very optimistic that this program is about to take off in a big way.” comments Chris.  The progress for the new soccer team is looking satisfactory. Everyone is looking forward to how the new season for the new team is going to pan out.



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