Time to turn page on Polanski saga

By Clarissa Pagan

Staff Writer

Like his famous movie “Rosemary’s Baby”, movie director Roman Polanski life may not have a happy ending. Roman Polanski a Polish-French movie director was charged with statutory rape in 1977 at the age of 44. He was accused of molesting a 13-year-old girl who he recruited for a modeling gig for Vogue Magazine. The victim Samantha Gailey (now Samantha Geimer) told police that Polanski had given her champagne and Quaaludes before having sex with her. The judge presiding over the case was the Honorable Laurence Rittenband, who has ruled on many celebrity cases such as the Elvis Presley divorce. Polanski was given a 90-day psychiatric evaluation under the guidelines of his plea bargain. He reported to the China State Prison and was released after 42 days of treatment.Soon there after Roman Polanski fled to France where the laws of extradition prevented him from being sent back to the United States. The United States filed to extradite Polanski, but France denied. This did not stop the US from informing all surrounding areas of the situation and given the chance he visit said countries they would be able to extradite him.Fast forward to 2009, 32 years later, Roman Polanski is arrested in the Swiss airport while trying to attend a film festival where he is supposed to accept a Life Time Achievement award. Now he is back in the United States and is being charged with a crime that is over 30 years old. The victim Samantha Gailey has attempted to drop the charges so that she may move on with her life, but the judge will not let her.  It is certain that the stature of limitations is up on the case, but the court system still feels the need to continue the manhunt on the now 76-year-old man. France has urged the United States to drop all charges, but nothing has come out of it yet.In the United States we have murders and rapists who continually hurt people and are not punished. Polanski has paid his debt to society; And  the victim wants to rid herself of the situation  once and for all. There comes a time where there are more important issues to handle and this case is old and over with it should not be brought back to court. Roman Polanski should be set free to live the remainder of his life so that he and Samantha Gailey can finally rest.


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