Technology Friend or Foe ?


Staff Writer

The 2004 hit movie IRobot introduced us to the futuristic world of human, robot interaction. Although the film is fictional, Honda Motor Co. is working on closing that gap. Recently, Japan has been investing funds in developing “Saya. ” A robot that defiantly caught my attention, It’s described as a robot teacher and has been tested with the young and senior citizens of Japan. Before this, the creators used Saya as a receptionist, with hopes to create more robots to work as receptionists and secretaries. The creators reasoning to have robots take over the work force is that, Japan is facing a labor shortage Due to their aging population. As it currently stands 25% of Japan’s population is 65 years of age or older. Another reason is to save money that could be a paycheck to someone. With so many people in the world needing jobs I can’t help to think that giving a job away to a machine is ridiculous.  All of this technology really reminds me of the laziness that is progressing across the globe. Every day there is a new toy that we use to help us do something that we could easily do by ourselves. Understandably these new inventions will not be used in the very near future, as more tests will need to be made. It does make you think, the world could be relying on something whose batteries could die, for appointments, food and the education of our children.


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