State budget affects CCC

Staff Writer

While America does its part in fighting off a global recession, CCC refuses to fall behind.

Cumberland County College is not only financed by its students, but a great portion of the money needed to keep the college up and running on a daily basis is granted by the state budget. Amidst our recession, the state government has taken great strides in cutting the funding to many different programs and facilities to try and keep our economy afloat. Leaving the question, how much of a toll has the recession taken on the progress and the daily advancement of CCC? John Pitcher, Vice President of the Finance & Administrative Services here on Campus commented about the state budget cuts, and how they are affecting CCC, “New Jersey state budget cuts took 5% ($180,000) out of the college budget. We anticipated the cuts, and incorporated into this year’s fiscal planning. What actually made up for the cut was the stimulus package, so we saw virtually no decline as far as layoffs or the daily operation of the college.”

When asked about what plans the college had for the years to come, Pitcher added, “There are always a lot of plans, but not always the money to put them in motion. We do plan on replacing all the computers in the labs and the learning centers in the coming semesters, and really plan on updating all the technology here available for student usage.”

Evidence of advancement on campus can be found in the up and operating information hubs, which help students find where they need to go as well as where they are. These hubs will soon offer information on contacting staff members here at the college.

“That’s just one example of all the technical improvements on the way,” Pitcher said. The state budget cuts have virtually had no effect on CCC’s operation this year because of the stimulus package, and students and faculty alike can expect great things to come in the near future. Although the country may be at a standstill, Cumberland County College is moving steadily forward.


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