Parking wars: CCC edition


Staff Writer

It is September 2, 2009 and it is also the first day of the fall semester at Cumberland County College. Not only is it hard for freshmen to find there first class, but even harder to find a parking spot. Not to mention you don’t want to be late for your first class! As more and more students are enrolling at Cumberland County College, more and more parking spaces are getting used up. It is important for CCC to expand on parking. We need to take more action on solving this problem. Jenna Hulitt, 19 majoring in Communications said “I think that parking could be improved if all of the events that take place in the Conference Center were not held during busy school hours. I believe students should come first. After all, we are paying for our schooling.”

Many colleges have problems with on campus parking. When most students cannot find a parking space, they simply create their own. This can be a safety hazard, but they believe it is the best way to improvise with the problem they face. Ron Vega, 19 majoring in Elementary/Preschool Education, also has found problems with parking at CCC. He quotes “Many times the parking lots are crowded and hard to maneuver through. They really need to build additional parking as the school grows. On a daily basis I see students scrambling around to find a parking spot. Some students think it is fine to simply create their own.”

On the other hand, some college students do not believe there is a problem with parking. Kellye DuVilla, 18 majoring in Nursing said “Personally, I do not see a problem with parking. I have found that Cumberland County offers enough parking spots to fit the student’s needs. I have never been late to class due to trouble finding a parking spot.” The main strategy most students stick with is to simply get to the parking lot early; first come, first serve. Unfortunately, administration was unavailable for comment on this issue.

Cumberland County College may need to reconsider expanding the

parking lot. Another suggestion is to reconfigure the whole system to create a less crowded parking lot. This will create a safer traffic flow for students and staff.


Two Students parked on grass due to lack of parking in the lots.


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