Do you need coffee to fuel your day?


Staff Writer


Professor Shapiro grabbing a morning cup of coffee

In a recent independent poll almost half of students approached claimed that they drank coffee. Some coffee drinkers claimed how necessary coffee is to their routine. To others coffee was nothing more than a bitter drink only for those with an acquired taste.

Everyone has a different morning routine. For some it’s as simple as waking up and getting dressed, but for others it involves coffee.  Coffee is a drink that is becoming more common and fashionable as the days go by. It seems like every fast food chain has a line of coffee products and more café’s are opening up on every corner. Where is the demand coming from? It seems as though there are more Starbucks cups in students hands then any other drink .  The results of this poll showed that many of the students of Cumberland County College  who drink coffee do not drink more coffee when the caffeine would prove to be most beneficial, in the morning. Caffeine is an inhibitor that stops the effect of adenosine the chemical in humans that starts the sleep cycle. During the semester when many students have morning classes it would seem plausible that the students would consume more caffeine rich coffee to prevent falling asleep in class. In a case quite the contrary data gathered shows that for the most part coffee consumption does not change during the semesters as opposed to when students don’t have classes. Perhaps this means students are still utilizing the effects of caffeine by different means. Both energy drinks and soft drinks such as Coke and Pepsi are high in caffeine content, with that in mind students may be consuming more soda in the morning or throughout the day in order to remain in a constant state of alertness and to stay awake. The effects of caffeine on the brain and body can prove to be beneficial when consumed at the correct time, and this is a well known fact among the students at Cumberland County College.


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