C.C.C. needs more parking lots


Staff Writer

Cumberland County College is experiencing growing pains, and nowhere is it more evident than in the parking lots.  With attendance reaching five thousand students in both the college and University Center, parking spots have become a premium.  To add to the dilemma, the Luciano Center often schedules events during school hours thereby reducing the number of parking spaces available to students.  The parking crunch reaches epidemic proportions as students circle around the lots over and over again with no luck.  The clock is ticking, frustrations are building, classes have started, and in desperation many make their own spaces on the grass.  Along comes security, and the vehicle is ticketed.It is obvious that the college needs to expand parking facilities but until that is done we all need to work together.  Maybe the college can offer a shuttle service when lots are full.  Is there additional parking at the hospital lot next door? Security could monitor lots, and when they are full, direct students to the other side of the campus for parking thereby saving them wasted time driving in circles.  Professors can help by showing leniency when a student is late due to inadequate parking. Students too need to take their part by reading their emails and being aware of “campus parking alerts.”  If possible, leave early and allow extra time to park and walk to class (the exercise will do you good). Carpooling, being dropped off, or taking public transportation are alternatives to driving your own vehicle.  Please park between the lines so spaces are not wasted.Overcrowding is a good position for the college.  It means they must be doing something right for not only students who choose to attend, but for the community that wants to rent the facilities. Parking will improve, but until then be patient, leave early and don’t park on the grass.


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