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the i-pod has changed in design over the years

the iPod has changed in design over the years


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Technology is rapidly changing. It seems like every time we blink there is a new version of something to be bought. Trying to keep up with it is impossible. Technology is not only expensive, but can certainly be faulty as well.

Take an MP3 for instance. There are at least five different versions of them. The iPod is the most popular MP3 player sold according to http://www.reviews.cnet selling more than 22 million. There are currently four different types of iPods being sold right now; keep in mind that they have all been modified and improved from their original models. They keep getting smaller, thinner, and more colorful.

There is even one that operates completely on a touch screen. The newest version of the iPod shuffle has a little something called Voice Over, where it literally speaks and tells you what song is up next and when it needs to be charged. 

“ I used to be against iPods because I felt that putting songs on it from all of my CDs would be annoying, but my 13 -year- old brother got an iPod touch and gave me his nano, and I LOVE IT! It’s like a baby computer! I bought Nike sneakers that hook up with my iPod and tell me the distance I walk or run. It blows my mind how they have progressed since they first came out. My opinion has certainly changed over the years,”  said Erica Petrini, a sophomore at CCC.

What is next? It is hard to imagine what else can improve on these mini song holders. 

Cell phones are always evolving. When Motorola first invented the cell phone in 1983, it was referred to as “the brick.” It was simple and served the purpose. The cell phone was not very popular until the year 2000. In the past nine years, society has witnessed cell phones go from a basic form of technology to hand held computers. Being able to talk to people wherever we are is a major luxury that we seem to forget. The different styles and colors of phones that are offered is almost overwhelming. 

We are spoiled with different choices of phones which makes it hard to decide what one we should waste our money on. When we buy the phone, we have to get a pretty new cover to protect it when it is dropped, because it will eventually hit the ground. Feeling compelled to get a car charger and insurance for the phone, we throw those extras in as well.

“Cell phones really are great when you need to get a hold of someone. Although they are very annoying when they constantly ring at the wrong time.” said Zach Hitchner, a sophomore at CCC. He also added, “I hate when people get mad at me when I do not answer them right away; sometimes I wish the cell phone wasn’t invented so I couldn’t be so easily reachable.” 

Cell phones are very unpredictable and might just have minds of their own. They freeze, display blue screens and shut off whenever they feel like it. Some are just defective and a waste of money. Now that cell phones have become so popular, there are many different carriers to choose from. The monthly rate and the price of the phones differ with each carrier, but the payments can be affordable unless the purchasers get carried away. 

Television has certainly come a long way since first invented. There are many different brands of picture boxes to choose from now. They have gone from black and white to the new HD color; TV is certainly a guilty pleasure. Most of society would be confused without television and would not know what to do with their time. TVs have gone from a having an antenna on a big picture box to a thin flat screen in 50 years. Sony is now introducing  the first organic TV: the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) television. It is paper thin and flexible. The cost of this 11 inch TV is just $2,499.  If this is what diehard viewers need to watch the Weather Channel or the latest episode of “Rock of Love Tour Bus” with has-been Bret Micheals, financing is available for just $75.00 per month. For the rest of us that do not have thousands of dollars to spend on a TV, discount stores like Wal-Mart have them reasonably priced but not as high tech. 

Who knows what advancements will be made next in technology?  It seems these days that the unthinkable is brought to a store near you.


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