Summer fun is closer than you think


The Boardwalk is one of Jersey’s famous attractions and is an incredible way to enjoy the summer with family and friends.

The Boardwalk is one of Jersey’s famous attractions and is an incredible way to enjoy the summer with family and friends.



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Now that the sun is setting later and the weather is getting warmer, it is time to start having the summer fun we have all waited for.  There are many entertaining adventures to discover right here in South Jersey.

Take the Shore, for instance. Not only is catching up on that long anticipated tan an option, but parasailing and jet skiing is also something to look into. Those thrilling rides are reasonably priced. For family fun, there are water parks in Ocean City and Wildwood that are priced less than those at Six Flags or Dorney Park. The drive is a lot shorter too. They have rollercoasters and goofy little games that will light up anyone’s face. Prices vary according to the amount of tickets purchased. Go to for information. To make sure these memories last, there are picture booths along the boardwalk, so pile as many loved ones possible in for the snapshot.

If romance is what you are looking for, try walking shoeless along the water with only the lights from the old rollercoasters and the Ferris wheel guiding your steps. Taking a walk in a nearby park at sunset while feeding the ducks will always spark summer love. Barbequing is also a spicy option. Eating outside in the warm air will also be refreshing. Ice cream is the way to any person’s heart. A cheap dessert can turn into one of the most fun things to do this summer.

Town festivals are pretty prominent here. Vineland has many festivals throughout the summer where great food and amusing rides are found. Millville and Hammonton always have some gatherings to check out. This is a plus since there is a chance friends and maybe even family will show up. Signs will be posted around these towns, so keep an eye open.

Millville has recently opened up a Motor Sports Race Track where anyone is able to arrive and drive. A day or seasonal license is required

and the cost starts at $25.00. Celebrities are always arriving in Millville to race their cars when they have free time. The Motor Sports Park is close and not too costly. Go to for more information.

If all else fails and you find the urge to escape the confines of the state, baseball games are also exciting and enjoyable at any age. The Philadelphia Phillies have home games quite frequently and the drive is only a little less than an hour. Game tickets are also under $20.00 at

Summer is the season where everything is possible. It is the time of year where memories are made and the days as well as nights will never be forgotten.


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