Happy Birthday to You

Lenny Deserio
Staff Writer

Happy Birthday!  You’ve grown a year older and gained a little weight from the delicious Carvel Vanilla Ice Cream Cake you’ve just enjoyed. What’s most shocking isn’t the thirty bucks you dished out to buy the cake, it’s the fact that somewhere someone just bought the same exact cake at your local grocery store with your hard earned money.

You’re probably asking yourself how a complete stranger was able to buy a birthday cake with your own money. The answer is welfare. Every month the government hands out your money they collect through taxes and gives it to someone who doesn’t have a job so they can buy their kid an expensive birthday cake along with other unnecessary junk food. The time for welfare reform is here.

Perhaps you’re still not convinced of the need for welfare reform.  And you’re convinced I’m some cold-hearted arrogant capitalist who feels people have no right to ask for help. Well perhaps I am. We live in a society where it’s every man women and child for themselves right?

 Of course I’m being sarcastic when I say people have no right to ask their neighbor for a little assistance. I just feel the welfare system should be more efficient and just.

  frequently as a cashier I see people driving around in expensive cars and they pay with food stamps. Meanwhile a single mom working three jobs, driving a second hand car, and desperately in need of a little help can’t receive any because she is told she makes too much money. These are the people who ought to receive public assistance, not someone who chooses not to work but still manages to drive a Mercedes Benz or BMW.   


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