Brutal facelifts for classic horror movies


Jason is no stranger to facelifts


Staff Writer

Since the beginning of the new year, there’s been a trend in remaking old movies. My Bloody Valentine, Friday the 13th, and most recently, The Last House on the Left have all been reborn into a new generation. Whatever the reason for the remakes, both old and new fans are enjoying these horrifying films, and are paying even more attention to the originals from which they are inspired. 

Perhaps the remakes were to bring old classics into the eyes of new viewers. “I honestly didn’t know that My Bloody Valentine or The Last House on the Left were remakes. I did go see them in theaters, and they were both good. It would be interesting to see how they evolved from their originals,” said CCC student Michael Muzzarelli. 

Another possible reason the movies have been remade is to bring them not only up to date, but also to improve them. CCC student Shannon Desire said, “I haven’t seen the new Friday the 13th movie yet. The original was good, but I’ve heard that this one is even better so I definitely want to see it.”

The new My Bloody Valentine was released on January 16, 28 years after the original’s date. While the original scored only a 4.4 out of ten stars on, the remake earned 5.7 stars. And compared to the original, the remake offers a more believable plot and added suspense. “If there’s one thing that 2009’s remake of ‘80s Canadian slasher, My Bloody Valentine isn’t, it’s scary,” stated William Gross from 

The 1980 release of the original Friday the 13th was very successful. It became a well- known horror flick no movie collector could be without. But on February 13th of this year, Jason became a whole new character to fear. “Friday the 13th is about the best Friday the 13th movie you could hope for. Its technical credits are excellent,” stated movie critic Roger Ebert. 

 But for those who hold the original movie close to their hearts and are hoping to see a fresher, identical version prepare to be disappointed. “Now we get the 2009 Friday the 13th, which is billed as a ‘remake’ of the original, but is clearly not,” stated Ebert. 

The most recent remake came out on March 13, 2009, and scored 7.0 stars on, compared to only 5.8 stars from it predecessor. The Last House on the Left was originally released to the public eye on August 30, 1972. 

“The old Last House was pure unstable trash, a grindhouse item provoking all sorts of protests and cuts regarding the content. The comic relief and chipper bluegrass musical score didn’t just belong to another movie; they belonged to another galaxy,” stated Michael Phillips, a critic for the Chicago Tribune

The original was written and directed by Wes Craven, who is best known for The Nightmare on Elm Street (which is also in the process of getting remade). He helped to produce the remake, which although disturbing, is somehow touching. 

“It hinges on humiliation and vengeance, which makes it like most other modern horror titles. The movie proceeds with a grim sense of purpose, its actors portraying characters approximating real people and plausible behavior, amid plausible tension, borne of a terrible situation. I wouldn’t call it a good time, but I would call it an unexpectedly good genre film,” stated Phillips. 

As the years continue to go by, more remakes are certainly to come. Whether a fan of the old or curious  about the new, spend an evening watching back-to-back movies and decide for yourself if remakes are better than originals. 


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