Amnesty International Club to hold film festival

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Staff Writer

The Amnesty International Club of Cumberland County College will be holding a film festival starting on Wednesday, March 25th and concluding on Wednesday, April 8th. Amnesty will be holding the film festival in the Conference Center here at CCC and will show the following films: The Devil Came on Horseback, Blood Diamond and Hotel Rwanda. The films will be shown at 2 p.m. each Wednesday of the festival (3/25, 4/4 and 4/8)  in their entirety.

The Devil Came on Horseback is a documentary about the ongoing crisis in Darfur, Sudan, Blood Diamond deals with control of the diamond fields in Sierra Leone (a country in West Africa), and Hotel Rwanda deals with the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.  

According to Amnesty International Club member Mike Lorenzo, the club is focusing on these films since each of these deal with genocide, a major issue that the group works to put an end to. “Even though this is happening far away there is hope we can make a difference,” said Lorenzo.  “Students sometimes feel there isn’t anything that can be done to stop the brutality of genocide, but there is hope. That’s why we decided to show these films.”  

There will be no admission fee for the film festival. All students are invited and are encouraged to come out and attend. Students are also encouraged to ask their instructors whether or not they’ll receive extra credit. Since the films are about genocide, they are rated ‘R’ and are graphic in nature; students are asked to use their discretion when bringing children to the event.


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