The chef in charge of CCC’s menu

Viet Hong standing with Johanna McNeil, one of his reliable staff members.

Viet Hong standing with Johanna McNeil, one of his reliable staff members.




Staff Writer


You eat it! Now meet the man behind it all. Cumberland County College’s food service director Viet Hoang was born in Vietnam and in 1982 moved to Mount Laurel, New Jersey, where an American family adopted him.  

Hoang graduated from Holy Cross High School, where he played tennis. After high school, he attended Camden County Community College for two years, and then transferred to the Academy of Culinary Arts in Mays Landing, New Jersey.

While Hoang was growing up, his parents owned a deli. There he learned to love food and as a young boy decided he wanted a career in hospitality.

 Hoang works for a contracting company based in West Virginia called Aladdin Food Service. Aladdin Food Service offers a catering service- ready to serve 200-350 guests breakfast, sit down dinners, and buffets. 

Hoang has a great team working beside him who are well trained, have great knowledge on everything that goes on in the cafeteria, and are very determined to keep the sanitation above average. 

Hoang is married to a therapist and has a two-year-old daughter. On his spare time he likes to play tennis, travel, and hang out with his family and friends. One day Hoang would like to take his daughter to his hometown in Vietnam. 

When asked, what his favorite meal served in the Cumberland County Café Hoang smiled and said, “Everything!” 

Hoang and his staff work very hard to serve the students at Cumberland County a tasty, healthy meal.

“It’s a small cafeteria with a lot of good business,” said Hoang. In the cafeteria they have a nutrition chart and pamphlets on how to stay healthy.

Hoang enjoys positive criticism because he is always striving to improve his talent.

“I really love the feedback students, faculty, and staff leave me.”


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