A look at the Faith Fellowship Club


Staff Writer

The Faith Fellowship Club started 14 years ago. Linda Slomin, the advisor for the club, said that the goal was to “Enrich the spiritual life of students, provide them an avenue in which to express their faith, and to reach out to those who have no church affiliation or spiritual foundation through club activities and events.”  When the members of the Faith Fellowship Club get together, they typically discuss faith-related business for a few minutes, sing a few songs, study the Bible, and have prayer. 

“One of my most memorable moments,” said Slomin, “was when we used to do ‘Celebration of the Bands,’ an event that included bands, choirs, ventriloquists, and mimes.  The club and the community joined together [using their] gifts and talents.” 


On Saturday, December 6th, 2008, there was a retreat—an event that involved one main topic, and members who brought their pastors to speak on the five subtopics at the college.  There the club received a continental breakfast, lunch, and ending with dinner at the home of Kenn Atkinson, campus ministry staff person with Colition for Christian Outreach (CCO).

Upcoming events include a series of prayer walks (club members walk around campus and pray for professors and students) this semester and the next semester, as well as a bake sale.  In addition, this year the FFC will have the Celebration of Praise, which is an event where choirs, bands, soloists, duets, ventriloquists, ballerinas, and mimes perform.   Also in the spring semester will be two events happening in the month of May—The Gathering, and Sight & Sound.  The Gathering, also known as the National Day of Prayer, brings the community together  to pray for the nation. There the club serves food, has games, music, and more. Sight & Sound is a theatre event, where the group travels to see plays such as In the Beginning and Daniel and the Lions’ Den in Lancaster, PA.  There will be breakfast at McDonald’s, shopping at the Rockvale Outlets, and dinner at Shady Maple restaurant.  

The club meets every Wednesday from 2-4pm in room A14 of the Academic Building.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Slomin at the EOF Office in the Student Life Center or call 856-691-8600 ext. 256.


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