We’re getting wet all over campus


Wet Bench

Wet Bench


Staff Writer

Each day on campus, water is wasted. Benches, tree trunks, walkways, and unfortunate students are getting wet due to the sprinklers.


 “I was sitting in front of the Academic Building with a couple of my friends. Next thing I knew I was soaked and running indoors,” said freshman Zac Harris.

The campus may be green and blooming, but in rain or sunshine, the sprinklers are still running. 

 “The campus is great just to chill in between classes. When the benches are soaked though, it is harder to find a space to relax with friends. The cafeteria is noisy and crowded, and the library is too quiet,” said Jen Parisi, another freshman. “Sitting outside is usually how I kill time. It would be more beneficial if the lawns were watered every other day instead of every day. The lawns could even be watered at night.”

   Environmental Protection Agency research shows that landscaping alone accounts for at least 20% of all residential water use. The EPA has also found the United States uses an average of 26 billion gallons of water each and every day.

   Not everyone agrees that the campus is using water in a wasteful way. 

 Natalie Dupknock, another freshman, said, “The campus is so plush and pretty. It’s professional looking. I honestly don’t think about the sprinklers much.”

 Recreational water usage is something Americans have become accustomed to. Water is everywhere and always readily available. We assume it always will be.  However, water is wasted even when operating electric devices, because it is used to cool the machinery used to produce the electricity. Water can be saved by simple changes such as unplugging electrical devices when finished, fixing leaky faucets, turning off the water while brushing teeth and doing dishes, and watering lawns and gardens less.


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