Rock the Vote 2008

Ali Kureczka/Staff Photographer

Tim Zoyac and Pamela Young accept applications from Jillian Torres and Chaz Bey.

      Staff Writer 

      During this time in America, one thing is clear: everyone needs to vote. For the past week and a half, Cumberland County College’s Student Senate, Latin American Club, and American Federal Government class have devoted their time and energy to encourage students to register to vote.     

      “We wanted to be a proactive voice as a Student Senate and we wanted to make sure that student voices were heard on campus as well as nation-wide,” said Director of Student Life and Athletics, Kellie Slade. 

      There were tables set up all around campus with students from these organizations getting people to register to vote. “This has brought an awareness to the student body that we, as Americans, need to voice our opinions and use our right to vote. I believe that through an election is the right way,” said Student Senate Secretary, Tim Zoyac. 

      This is not the first time Cumberland County College has sponsored a Rock the Vote campaign. Last year, Sirus from MTV’s The Real World: Seattle came to the campus. He talked to students about how important it was to vote. That was just a prelude to this Rock the Vote 2008 campaign. 

      The registration process was very simple. A student who wanted to register to vote would fill out a registration application and hand it to the people at the table. “It’s a very quick process.  They don’t realize how easy it is. I should have brought my ‘Easy’ button in so that after the student filled out the application, they could press it and hear ‘That was easy!,’” said Kellie Slade. 

      The applications were then sent in as soon as possible, so they can be processed before the October 14th deadline. The students then receive their voter registration card and a confirmation letter in the mail.  

      Approximately 150 applications were filled out, but whether or not the students will actually put their right to vote to use is another question. “Just to have them registered, knowing that their right is being received is a good start,” said Kellie Slade. 

      The Rock the Vote campaign is going to be an annual event every September and October. For every local and presidential election, it will give the students an opportunity to utilize their campus resources. Voting is the most important right a person can have, and the Rock the Vote 2008 event really helped students understand that.  

      “As long as they are getting connected in some way or shape or form, in terms of utilizing their right and privilege of voting, whether they like the candidates or not, I want them to feel that they can exercise their right to vote. I want to make sure that they are definitely being exposed to the process,” said Slade.


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