Remembering Josh Nonnemacher


Staff Writer

On May 31, 2008, 19-year-old Joshua Nonnemacher died tragically in a car accident. Friends and family were shocked, upset and terrified.
Joshua Paul Nonnemacher, also known as Nacho or Nonny, was a friendly and warm-hearted person. He had a great spirit and a good heart, and was always willing to have a good time. He graduated from Schalick High School in 2006, and attended Cumberland County College, majoring in business. Josh loved the game of baseball, and was a pitcher on CCC’s team.
Josh had a wonderful sense of humor. From the first time I met him, every time I would see him, he would always make me smile. He was a reliable person who could be counted on for anything.
“He was spontaneous and amazing,” said Andrea Santiago. “He was my best friend. He taught me how to be carefree and to laugh things off, because things happen for a reason.
“I would just like to thank him for all he’s done for me. He treated me with respect. He was a point blank awesome person inside and out. I know he’s changed people’s lives forever, old and young.”
“He was my best friend,” said Jason Reed, a friend and teammate of Josh’s. “And his death inspires me to live every day like it’s my last, because it just might be.”
Friends and teammates miss him around the college and wish that his presence and warm smile were still here.
I know Josh will be missed very much. His family, friends and teammates were inspired by him and cared about him deeply. Josh definitely would still be making people laugh and smile if he were alive. “If I could say one last thing to him, it would be that I loved and cherished our friendship very much. He was amazing and really had an impact on my life,” said Cristal Conroy, another friend of Josh’s.
To his family and close friends, I am truly sorry for your loss. No one deserves that pain. Josh had an impact on many people’s lives. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my friendship with him, and I’m sure that goes for everyone who knew him.

Joshua Paul Nonnemacher, you are forever missed.


One thought on “Remembering Josh Nonnemacher

  1. when I read this story the day it came out, I started crying…I didn’t know how many people’s lives my brother had touched and this article means a lot. This a really beautiful article.

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