The Strong Hold of MySpace

The Strong Hold Of MySpace

By Carlee Kirchmar Staff Reporter
I am nineteen years old, a sophomore in college, and like many other people of the world, I am a MySpace addict. Although I do not visit my old friend Tom (the creator of MySpace) as much as I use to, I do manage to check up on it at least once a week. If I had known then how the addiction worked, I would have never let myself experiment with MySpace. At first it seemed like innocent fun, but MySpace was the root of many acquired problems.
Who would have thought that girls you did not get along with would check your MySpace and catch you talking about them, or that your boyfriend would be stupid enough to send other girls comments? Not only have people taken MySpace to the extreme, it has even ruined friendships. To be moved down a person’s contact list or to be removed from a user’s “top friends” is the biggest insult one can receive. I am not sure Tom even realized what he was creating.
It starts off with a simple desire to see what new friends you have made for your page. As soon as you make a few friends then you can start communicating with them by sending comments, picture comments, messages etc. You think at first that it is one of life’s simple pleasures and that it will eventually get old to you, but the truth of the matter is, it doesn’t. You will find yourself wondering around your house when you decide you have nothing better to do than check the status on your MySpace account. After time you will find yourself racing to the computer to check your account even when you’re running late for school.
Even after being warned, no body can prepare themselves for the strong hold MySpace has on ones mind. You begin to promise yourself you wont check it, it’s a stupid website that you won’t let steal your time. But unfortunately, this promise was made to be broken. You may even rise above the others and delete your MySpace so you will not be tempted to log on, but not even this can scare MySpace because it knows that they all come back. Sadly enough there is no hope for us long time users and if you are a beginner or better yet haven’t even started, my simple advice to you is, don’t.

The Strong Hold Of MySpace


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