CCC Alumni Wins Freeholder Vote

Freeholder Joseph Pepitone with CCC students Natalie Young and Christina Arkainno

By Staff Reporter
Ashley Fiore

CCC graduate, candidate Joseph Pepitone, recently won position of freeholder for Cumberland County, Tuesday November 6th. For years, CCC has served to improve our community by giving opportunities and the power of an exceptional education, not only academically, but also skills as leadership to become an productive citizen.
As a 1982 graduate from CCC, he ponders back, “ I feel CCC has not only prepared me politically, but has also prepared me in all aspects of life. The nurturing yet challenging atmosphere created by CCC instructors encourages and inspires individuals to obtain the goals they set for themselves.”
Since 1966, students like Pepitone have been given the opportunity to accomplish their goals and reach beyond limitations. As for many students, Pepitone was the first of his family to graduate from a college. That being CCC has certainly shaped his success.
In recent years, CCC has started to expand since Pepitone graduated in 1982. Even without the new additions Pepitone realized the value that a CCC education can give.
“The new editions will be great. It’s nice to see CCC flourish and in doing so it will shape and encourage future leaders of our community.” Pepitone continues to say, “ CCC has always been a top notch community college.”
His political background includes two-term president of the teachers union, also a former vice president and member of the Millville Board of Education. “ Get involved. Learn about the issues in your community, how you feel about those issues, and figure out how you can impact them in a positive manner.” Pepitone advises students.
Pepitone is husband of Michelle and father of Joey, Sarah and Matthew who reside in Millville. Pepitone now works as a guidance counselor for the Delsea Regional School District.
A participator in the community he explains, “ I feel educators are people who naturally seek to get involved. After seeking to build a strong relationship, between the teachers union and the administration in my local union and also sharing my educational experiences on the Millville and Cumberland County Board of Education.” “Although the county has many challenges to overcome I feel we are moving in the right direction,” Pepitone said. “I absolutely enjoyed my experience at CCC and as a guidance counselor I often recommend a two year college education.”


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